PhD Courses

Spring 2013Microeconometrics,,,
Fall 2011Econometrics I miniblock miniblock miniblock
Fall 2009Econometrics I


Fall 2019Quantitative Economics III: Microeconometrics,,,,,
Fall 2018Quantitative Economics III: Behavioral Economics
Fall 2017Quantitative Economics III: Behavioral Economics
Fall 2016Quantitative Economics III: Games of Incomplete Information
Spring 2016Advanced Behavioral Economics
Fall 2015Advanced Econometrics
Fall 2014Advanced Econometrics
Fall 2012Empirical Methods
Fall 2010Empirical Methods


Fall 2011Seminar on Game Theoretical Modelling
Spring 2011Seminar on Epistemic Game Theory
Spring 2010Seminar on Evolutionary Game Theory
Spring 2009Exercises in Econometrics
Spring 2009Seminar on Solution Concepts in Noncooperative Game Theory
Fall 2008Seminar Statistical Concepts of Causality


Spring 2018Game Theory
Spring 2017Game Theory
Spring 2014Game Theory
Spring 2012Game Theory
Spring 2011Exercises in Game Theory
Spring 2010Game Theory -- part II
Fall 2009Exercises in Empirical and Experimental Economics